Dale City Cub Scout Pack 1189 comes to Steve’s Auto to make Pinewood Derby cars

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Each year the Boy Scouts compete in the Pinewood Derby in Dale City

Each year the Boy Scouts compete in the Pinewood Derby in Dale City

Dale City Cub Scout Pack 1189 took Steve’s up on their offer to provide space and tools for the Scouts to create their cars for the annual Pinewood Derby.

Each year, Scouts from all over the Occoquan district compete in the Pinewood Derby, racing cars that they’ve made with their units.

Around 50 Scouts and troop leaders gathered at Steve’s over the weekend to create their derby cars.

“It was about helping the kids get their cars cut out, using the tools we provided. The Cub Scout Pack Leaders came in and worked with the kids to get the cars cut out,” said Steve’s owner Scott Whitling.

Steve’s purchased equipment to help the Scouts make their cars and opened up the shop on the weekend to give them space for the project.

Steve's hopes to help more Scout units with their Pinewood Derby cars

Steve’s hopes to help more Scout units with their Pinewood Derby cars

“I like it. What was cool was how the kids and parents appreciated us providing this for them. Because they actually came looking for me when they finished, to thank us for helping them out,” said Whitling.

At the end of the day, all of the Scouts came together to clean up the shop and took on leadership roles.

Steve’s plans on doing this again for the Boy Scouts and hopes they can help other units.

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Cub Scout Pinewood Derby day at Steve’s Auto Repair and Tire

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Pinewood Derby Day at Steve’s Auto Repair and Tire

Steve’s Auto Repair and Tire in Woodbridge Virginia will open their doors to all Boy Scouts and Cub Scout units in the Woodbridge, Dale City, Dumfries, Lake Ridge, and Manassas Areas for Pinewood Derby Car Building Day.

For units that want space to build their derby cars or to use some professional tools, Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire is willing to work with Scouts to coordinate weekend derby car building events in Woodbridge.

Packs are able to use special tools provided by Steve’s Auto Repair and Tire and can work with their families to build the cars. Scouts also ge the chance to build or repair their cars in a real-life automotive garage setting, which adds to fun.

By using the space, Scout leaders are also able to practice setting up the race track to make sure it works correctly, without having to pay for extra time at the Prince William school where the derby is held. This helps to make sure there were no glitches on race day.

“We’ve done this before and it was fun for the Cub Scouts, parents, and us. We enjoy doing it for the community and that is why we are expanding the days for the Scouts, to make sure they’re prepared for the Pinewood Derby,” said ST Billingsley owner of Steve’s Auto Repair and Tire.

Overall it is a great event with lots of fun and hard work for the Scouts. To coordinate a date for units to come to Steve’s for car building, call 703-670-8005.

While there are many ways to build a car for the Pinewood Derby, there are standard rules all Scouts must follow – either set by NCAC‘s Boy Scout District Director or the individual units.


Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire hosts Cub Scout Pack 1189’s Pinewood Derby

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Cub Scout Pack 1189

Steve’s Auto co-owner Scott Whitling kicks off the Pinewood Derby in Woodbridge.

Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire hosted Cub Scout Pack 1189’s unit Pinewood Derby again this year.

The pack, based out of Montclair, hosts their own unit competition each year. This year the competition was hosted at the John F. Pattie Elementary School in Woodbridge.

Steve’s Auto has sponsored the event for many years, as part of our community outreach, and brought along 50 pizzas from Aroma Pizza to feed the unit.

“We like being able to support our community in this way, and it’s a lot of fun watching the kids race their cars,” said Scott Whitling, co-owner at Steve’s Auto.

Cub Scout Pack 1189

Parents and their Scouts gathered together for the Pinewood Derby at John F. Pattie Elementary School.

Whitling was given the honor of starting the races off in the school’s gymnasium.

“It was great being able to see all of the parents and their Scouts out at the event,” said Whitling.

The winners of each of the unit competitions move on to the Occoquan Boy Scout’s District-wide Pinewood Derby, which is scheduled this year for March 12.

Girls Rule and Boys Drool

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Not only did the Pink Pinewood Derby car win the race by our very own Margo (marketing director) we also added a new female to the team at Steve’s Auto Repair. Monday I came in and asked who the winner of the derby race was and I was very to pleased that Margo won. If I were one of the guys I would be dying of embarrassment that I lost to a girl and not only that to a “PINK CAR”. Guys are such sore loser because they said they didn’t believe that Margo made it on her own that she probably bought it off eBay. Horrible!


As for our new teammate at Steve’s she’s pretty awesome not just because she bring me homemade candy but because she actually knows what she’s talking about. I have never met a female that knew so much about cars. Her being here gives me a little bit more hope that I will eventually catch on. And it’s so much better that I have someone to talk to since they took Margo, the only other female, away from me and gave her an office at the neighboring store, HomeTowne Auto Repair & Tire.

Now I have girl time all the time because our new female service writer is at the computer next to me. Soon Steve’s auto repair is going to be all Girls. SIKE!!

The Perils of Pinewood

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Guest Post
Margo Schlossberg, Marketing Director
The Perils of Pinewood
Had I heard of the Boy Scout’s Pinewood Derby? Sure, somewhere maybe the brother of a friend growing up or the son of a friend as an adult. Did I know what the Pinewood Derby was? Nope, no clue, something about making cars out of wood?

About two weeks ago two boxes were delivered to Steve’s Auto Repair, the shop where I work as the marketing director. Well, given may be an improper use of the word since I immediately took one of the boxes, determined to make a car. I mean, how hard could it be?

Apparently, there was a lot more to this Pinewood Derby than I had initially thought. For example, weight and tools were involved. Two things that have always spelled trouble for me. I found a template and thought okay, I will tape the template to the block of wood and just saw it. Easy! Well, after making one very distinct saw mark which was more like a scrape then an actual cut into the wood, it was clear that I was not going to cut the entire car, or in fact, any part of the car. I realized that I was going to have to enlist a bit of assistance.

It is now Wednesday and the cars are due by Friday and will be raced on a surprisingly sophisticated track on Saturday. Did someone say laser? There is also some type of weight limit which I am learning about. So, stay tuned for guest post #2 where we will see if my car is a success or a complete debacle. I hope at least I will win some style points…