Dirty Cabin Air Filter.

Why you should change your cabin air filter

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Does your car smell musty?

It could be time for you to get a new cabin air filter. This cartridge filter purifies the air that enters the cabin area from the vents.

It’s similar to an air conditioning filter found in most homes.

When and why to replace a cabin air filter

Clean Cabin Air Filter.

Clean Cabin Air Filter

How often the filter should be changed depends on the make and model of a vehicle and its driver.

Someone who lives on a dirt road may want to get a new one every 10,000 miles. Those who travel from their driveway to the interstate might need to change it every 20,000 miles.

This filter helps prevent your vehicle’s heating core and evaporator from clogging up.

Having it changed regularly helps keep dust, dirt, pollen and bacteria out of the front of your vehicle so you don’t breathe it in.

Before setting up an appointment to change the filter, you might want to make sure your vehicle has one. Some cars, such as Volkswagen beetles, don’t have them.

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