Dirty cabin air filter.

Cabin air filter helps clean the air in car

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Let’s clear the air … in your car.

The cabin air filter purifies the air that enters through the vents.

Typically located in the front of a vehicle, it also helps keep the heating core and evaporator clear.

Cabin air filter replacement

How often cabin air filters need to be changed depends on the car and driving conditions. 

For example, those who live on a dirt road may need to change it more often than someone who uses the interstate.

Drivers may notice a musty smell when it’s time to replace the cabin air filter.

Our technicians check it during every oil change, which we recommend every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. 

When changing the old filter, we spray BG Frigi Fresh — a disinfectant that removes viruses, bacteria, mold and odors — into the vent system.

One reason to have the filter checked is because animals will nest in it, clogging up the airways. 

When they become blocked, it can overwork the blower motor, which is responsible for pushing air through the vents when you turn on your car air conditioning or heat.

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