Oil filter housing.

Does your BMW have an update for the oil filter housing?

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A common problem on some BMW engines is the oil filter housing may leak.

This can occur when the original, plastic housing warps and cracks.

Automotive technicians are able to replace it with updated oil filter housing that’s made out of aluminum.

Looking for oil leaks

There can be many places on a BMW engine that leaks oil. If a lot of oil is covering the engine, it could be difficult to determine where the leak is coming from.

One of the first places to start is to degrease the engine and then add an ultraviolet dye that’s compatible with the engine oil. Then, run the engine and use and ultraviolet light to locate the oil leak.

Generally, you can find it in one to two hours. Small leaks, however, may take between one and five days to show up. The vehicle might also need to be driven around and brought back to the automotive center to recheck it.

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