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Why did my BMW check engine light turn on?

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You’re about to leave for work and you start your BMW.

The dashboard lights turn on, like normal, but you notice that the check engine light stays on.

If it’s blinking, you should go to an auto repair shop as soon as possible. A blinking check engine light indicates that there’s a problem with the engine and it may lead to damage to the catalytic converter.

Reasons why a BMW check engine light may turn on

If your BMW check engine light comes on and stays on, you should have it checked out soon.

There are many reasons why a check engine light turns on. It can be anything from a loose gas cap to an internal engine problem.

Other reasons include a circuit problem, the catalyst system working below its threshold, and issues with the coolant system.

BMW repair is one of the services that Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire offers.

If you’re going in for regular BMW service, don’t forget to let your service adviser know if your check engine light comes on or if it turns off and comes back on.

Diagnostic testing on an engine light

When a vehicle comes in with a check engine light on, we start with a visual inspection. During the inspection, we make sure nothing is loose and that the oil and fluid levels aren’t low.

After that, the technicians pull a trouble code, which shows them where they should start the diagnostic testing.

Then, they perform a diagnostic test, through which they are able to isolate the problem. More information about engine diagnostics can be found in this article we wrote.

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