BG MOA protects engine, extends lifespan of oil

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Most drivers have become accustomed to oil changes and having them done regularly.

Performing this service is an important way you can take care of your engine.

By having this service performed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles, you ensure that parts are staying lubricated and prevent damage.

For more information about when and why oil changes are needed, check out this article we wrote last year.

Nowadays, the time period between oil changes are becoming longer for certain vehicles. Due to this extended interval and the heat of engines, oil undergoes a lot of stress.

You can enhance the oil’s effectiveness with BG MOA.

BG MOA and why you should use it

BG MOA is added after the oil change is performed.

It can be used on all kinds of vehicles, including those that have stop-start engines and turbocharged engines. Contrary to what some people believe, BG MOA may be added to cars that use regular oil or synthetic oil.

Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire uses full synthetic oil. We also carry Mobil 1, which is needed by some vehicles, like BMW’s and Mercedes.

The oil additive offers several perks, such as protecting the engine and maintaining its performance. 

It also stops the oil from oxidizing and becoming thick and extends its lifespan. This is especially helpful if you get your oil changed past its due date. However, we still recommend having this service done at regular intervals to ensure that your engine is clean and help you avoid future expenses. 

In addition to boosting oil performance, BG MOA decreases wear on the engine and improves a vehicle’s fuel economy. 

It can help prevent too much oil from being consumed, as well.

The supplement reduces the amount of sludge that builds up on the engine, as well. This keeps various parts, such as variable valve timing and camshafts, functioning the way they should.

Engines put in a lot of work, especially when you’re dealing with traffic. BG MOA gives your vehicle and the oil it uses that extra protection.

Protection plan available for maintenance services

BG offers a Lifetime Protection Plan that can be used for different systems. 

Engine services, including the use of BG MOA, fall under the BG Lifetime Protection Plan.

Maintenance to brakes, power steering and transmissions are other services it covers.

This offering provides coverage if you have certain services performed on a regular basis. It sort of acts as a safety net and could save you money if you run into a problem in the future.

One of our customers experienced a transmission problem on their vehicles. BG helped them out, even it didn’t have to do with the fluid or the service they received.

To learn more about the BG Lifetime Protection Plan and whether your vehicle qualifies, talk to a service adviser.

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