In Girl in a Mechanics World by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

Snow days are also known as slow days. But, working with a bunch of guys is like working with a bunch of 5 year olds. They always find something to do when there isn’t anything to do. They’re latest toy or weapon of choice is the “Bead Bazooka” it’s used to fill up tires when they won’t seat on the rim. But these guys use it to blow snow balls out even tennis balls. Gabe is the shooter while Eran fills it in with the snow balls. And Fred he runs and runs fast. So pretty much all day Tuesday they were shooting each other with this. While I was in the office doing my thank you calls. At one point X came in and told me he had a YouTube video for me to watch in his box aka dungeon. I walk out and POW! I get snow all over my hair. This isn’t the first time I came across the Bazooka. I got air blasted in my ear last week which I’m still recovering from. These guys are sometime too much to swallow so I just hide out in the office and even then sometimes they dare to come in and beam a snow ball at me. As much as I love the winter and snow I might have to start calling in sick on snow days if I don’t want to get shot with the Bazooka!