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Bacteria and your car’s air vents

In Cabin Air Filter by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

With allergies and viruses emerging, it’s a good time to replace your car’s cabin air filter.

The cabin air filter cleans air that enters the cabin area, and prevents dirt and bacteria from entering it.

Overtime, they become dirty and aren’t able to work properly.

Before requesting this service, it’s a good idea to confirm that your vehicle has a cabin air filter. Some cars do not. 

Different types of cabin air filters are available.

The cost depends on the materials, production and whether it becomes distorted. You can find cheap cabin air filters, but keep in mind that how cheap they are will impact their effectiveness.

We use a regular, mid-grade cabin air filter.

Better cabin air filter

A product that’s better than the regular cabin air filter is the Enviroshield Cabin Air Filter. 

These cabin air filters get rid of dust, soot, pollen and other particles. They are able exhaust system smells that other cars produce, as well.

Best cabin air filter

The PureFlow cabin air filter is top of the line.

Not only does it remove dust and pollen, it also soaks up bad odors. Made with charcoal and a filtration layer, it confines mold and gases that are dangerous and decreases the effectiveness of germs.

When to replace cabin air filters

We recommend replacing filters annually. 

You may need to change it sooner, depending on the amount of pollen in the air and the driving conditions.

Those who live on dirt roads may need to change it more often than drivers who mainly use the interstate. 

Indicators that it needs to be changed

If you are noticing a musty smell, that’s a pretty good indicator that it’s time to change the cabin air filter.

The air that’s going through the vents may also not be as strong.

Cabin air filters vs. engine air filters

Cabin air filters are responsible for purifying the air in the front end of a vehicle. Engine air filters cleans air that’s going into the engine’s combustion chamber.

There is typically one cabin air filter in a car. However, some, such as BMWs and Mercedes, have two filters. Other vehicles don’t have any.

Cars can have as many as six air filters, including the cabin air filters. Some vehicles have fans built into temperature control seats. Those fans have filters that protect the air that’s going into the fans. Certain vehicles, like the Ford Escape, have a filter for the blower motor to help keep the battery cool.

BG Frigi Fresh

There are also products that can be used to provide cleaner air. BG Frigi Fresh is one we use.

After removing the old filter, our technicians spray BG Frigi Fresh into the vent system.

Mold and bacteria begins to grow in a car’s climate control system when moisture collects in the evaporator. BG Frigi Fresh kills these germs, which can create a musty smell and even impact allergies.

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