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Auto parts shortage: Why you shouldn’t put off car repair

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Some auto parts have been more difficult to find since the Coronavirus outbreak started.

For example, Goodyear was slowing its tire production, meaning that there could be a shortage on certain types of tires as the country gets moving again. You may be able to get a tire that fits your car, but it might not be the right speed rating or load rating.

Auto parts shortage problem

Many of the parts we use are made by companies located in other countries. With countries around the world shut down, not as many people are working, which has cut down on the production for these products.

We recently needed a new computer for a Ford F150. Normally, we can receive one the next day. This time, there was one located in the United States, and it took five days for us to get it.

From what we’ve been told, the part stores and manufacturers have done a good job of tapping into each other’s resources to move products around. However, with the factories being closed or reduced production, we could see a drop off of supplies being produced.

While parts are still readily available, it’s probably a good idea to have something repaired that you’ve been putting off. If you wait a month or two, it may be more difficult to get it completed.

Our pickup and drop off services

If you need work done on your vehicle, we have a scheduled pickup and delivery service. A few drop off options are also available.

Anyone who doesn’t want to come into the building can bring their cars using our “After Hours” drop off slot. They can also give us a call at (703) 670-8005, and a staff member can meet them outside to get their keys and information.

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