Winter Olympics commercial clips.

Girl in Mechanic World: Winter Olympics commercial

In Girl in a Mechanics World by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

ST and his crazy ideas, I honestly don’t know where he comes up with them.

For the past couple of weeks he has made all of us into movies stars. If he keeps this up he won’t have any employees because we will all be on our way to Hollywood for big movies.

Last week, we created a special commercial just in time for the Winter Olympics (Sochi eat your heart out). The commercial should start to run on local channels during the 2014 Olympics in the next couple of days.

It’s one of the corniest commercials you will see. It’s kind of like the funny ones that you see during super bowl. I was all about helping behind the scenes by throwing peanuts at our mechanic, Ray, while he pretended to ski.

Somehow I ended up in two clips of the commercial. I can already see my friends calling me to tell me that they saw me. I was nowhere near prepared for it. I look so awkward waving. But I can’t help but laugh about it. It’s one of those things you just can’t take to seriously. Anyone want my autograph?

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