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12 Tips to Help you Save Fuel

In Fuel Economy by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

So, you’ve got more interesting things to do with your money than use it on fuel. But how do you save money for the fun stuff?

Here are a few tips compiled by our service writer, Teresa Anderson, perfect for the upcoming spring months.

How to save fuel

  1. Use a low rolling resistance tire! These can save up to 3% in fuel annually!
  2. Pre-route and combine your errands and try to drive the least miles to accomplish all errands at one time.
  3. Keep your car light! Take out the things that create excess weight in your car and take things off the roof racks that create resistance while driving (luggage) Being aerodynamic improves your gas economy
  4. Only fill up your gas tank half way, and never allow your tank to go below ¼ tank. Each gallon of fuel weighs approx. 6 lbs, so a full tank will make your car heavier. When you allow your tank to get below ¼ tank that puts additional stress on your fuel pump and can suck up residue that forms in the bottom of your gas tank clogging the injectors, which can hinder your gas mileage.
  5. Slow down! Follow the posted speed limit and use your cruise control when possible. Don’t tailgate; keep a distance from the car in front of you so you can brake less often. This keeps your fuel consumption down.
  6. Proper tire inflation is a must! You can lose up to a pound of tire pressure per week, so always check your tire inflation pressure. Too little air pressure can not only wear your tires out but affect your gas mileage.
  7. Make sure your transmission fluid is flushed according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Clean fluid makes your transmission shift smoother causing less stress on the engine.
  8. Do a fuel induction service at least once a year. This removes the carbon buildup on the injectors and can make your car run more smoothly and burn fuel more efficiently.
  9. Avoid using your air conditioning when you can. Use of the a/c unit also burns more fuel. So drive with your windows down when you can!
  10. Keep your air filter clean. Have your technician check it at each oil change. A clogged air filter can cause your engine to starve for air, making the mixture of air and fuel less economical.
  11. Avoid idling for long periods of time. If you want fast food, rather than go through the drive thru park the car and go inside. Remember the more the car is turned on, the more fuel you are using. (and it’s good exercise!)
  12. Keep your engine tuned up. Foul plugs can cause misfires and cause the other plugs to work twice as hard to run, which in turn costs your more money in fuel, not to mention engine damage.
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