Monthly Pointer: Improved Oil Changes

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oil change intervals

All month long we will be offering our Silver and Gold package maintenance services for $10 off!  These packages offer the same extensive inspection and outstanding benefits of our standard maintenance service with the added benefit of BG MOA oil additive and/or BG CF5 fuel additive.  These excellent treatments help to extend oil change intervals, keep your fuel passages clean, protect your engine and keep your vehicle performing well.  Make your appointment today to take advantage of this deal and keep your vehicle performing at its peak!

Meet Robert Moser

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Meet Robert MoserRobert Moser has been a resident of Prince William for over thirty years. He has been ASE certified for over twenty-five years and currently holds the Master Automotive Repair Technician and L1 ASE certifications. A state certified safety and emissions inspector with an emissions repair credential, he has worked both in a Dodge dealership and aftermarket repair to gain experience.

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Winter and Your Hybrid

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Winter and Your HybridI purchased a hybrid car because I wanted better fuel economy. I didn’t think about hybrids and winter driving. How do frigid temperatures affect fuel economy? Should you change your driving habits in the cold?

A hybrid is going to be more affected by cold than a conventional car. This is because a hybrid relies on a storage battery and a generator for part of its power.

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Mechanics Trade In Long Commutes to Work Local

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mechanicsMatt Ledman spends more time with his family now that he’s not spending three hours a day commuting to and from work.

A mechanic who specializes in Mercedes Benz automobiles, Ledman traded working in Tysons Corner for a job at Steve’s Auto Repair in Woodbridge. He’s found a way to continue to make competitive “Northern Virginia wages” and work close to home.

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