Pumpkin Carving

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Last week Thursday I brought in a huge pumpkin to keep here at the shop, since Halloween is right around the corner it would be nice to get in the spirit. Scott (owner) thought it was good idea but didn’t want to carve it just because he didn’t want it to attract bugs. But me n the guys thought other wise. Fred (general service) helped me carry this Big Ol’ pumpkin into the bay were Eran (mechanic) had his air drill and we all took turns or should I say the guys did. Either way I would rather them do it them myself because knowing me I would cut a finger off due to the fact that still is super fast and super sharp. I personally need all my fingers plus I just got a manicure. It was the fast way I ever saw someone carve a pumpkin.The most I did was sketch the drawling I wanted and cleaned the inside. It was the perfect way for all of us to end the day and do something fun as a team. We even put Scott’s flash light that blinks super fast just to give it that extra creepy look!


I’ve been DUCKED!!

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So, do you remember I mentioned how everyone at Steve’s are pranksters? Well last week on Wednesday I found a spare duck in one of the cabinets in the waiting room office, so I took it upon myself to grab it and start the duck war once again. Just to make work a little more exciting I grabbed it and was going to stick it in Freddy’s (general service) muffler but I thought about it and didn’t want Freddy blowing up being my fault. I checked crazy bird man Wayne’s (mechanic) car and the door was open I looked for the best possible place to hide the wooden duck and I decided to put it under a towel he has on his seat.

That Thursday morning he told me how good I got him. He felt something poking his back the whole way home so he pulled over on interstate 95 to check and there was quacky. But surely a couple hours later when I was taking a break I decided to use the bathroom it was a little odd that Wayne was in the customer’s bathroom but I figured someone was in the mechanic’s bathroom so once I saw him I went inside. Thankfully before I sat down I looked and there was the duck hanging by two metal wires just high enough that he wasn’t touching the water. I had officially been DUCKED!




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So my birthday started off with a 45 minute walk to work in the rain. My car is at the shop because my crank pulley broke but that’s a whole different story. So when I got to work my hair was frizzy I was wet, tired, out of breath and cold! Once I got in the office of course we would be busy customers walking in and out and phone was ringing off the hook. I couldn’t even get my coffee in so it felt like the day was dragging on by. I even had a late lunch due to us being busy. But bird man Wayne this crazy old mechanic that can’t go five seconds without crowing bought me Taco Bell for my big day.

When I walked in I saw Sid, the owners father, and I got so excited because I could see from the distance he had my birthday cone cupcakes in his hands that he was bringing me. It took a while to get everyone to sing me happy birthday but eventually everyone got together. It’s always so embarrassing getting sung to I didn’t know where to look because it was just so awkward a bunch of guys singing to me. So I just stared straight ahead. Once all that was done it was finally time to eat my chocolate cupcake with a pink animal cracker on top that I had been waiting for since august. Let me tell you my cupcakes where BOMB!! After all that and having a sugar rush Scott (owner)walks in with a camouflage hat sits it on my desk and says “happy birthday” he’s such character. By the time everything settled down I was hoping to leave at least on time but just my luck I left 30 minutes after 7 but that’s alright my birthday was great for a 9 hr shift at STEVE’S. By far hands down one of the best birthday at work.


Welcome To Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire

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So normally when you’re new and you want to fit in you always try to help your fellow co-workers with just about anything, that’s exactly what happened to our new assistant manager, Patrick, on his second day working at Steve’s. I bet if he would have known what would have happened he would have never volunteered.

Ray our general service guy was outside de-rusting the doors to the shed where we keep the tires so I guess Patrick being a good new assistant manager decided to assist Ray. He stood on 2 buckets of paints where he fell in and got completely covered from waste down in paint. We all felt bad for the guy so one of the owner let him go home to get cleaned up, while our general service manager stayed and helped scrub off the paint on his shoes. But there was only so much he was able to clean off. So until today almost 2 weeks later those boots are just sitting out there being air dried. Poor guy maybe he should have let Ray do it on his own. Now his two day old new boots are forever ruined.

Steve’s Auto Repair

Tables are TURNED

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So this week I thought it would be fun if I had Scott (BIG BOSS) answer some BG questions about Brake Fluid Flush. He’s such a team player so of course he said yes! The plan was I would give him 8 questions and he would give me 8 questions to answer but I have yet to receive mine. It took me about a day to get some questions for him to answer. But eventually I was able to get them. Unlike me, he answered the questions within 10 minutes but just to annoy him I circled two questions that I thought he could have been answered with more details. So I gave him back the questions, his face was priceless he couldn’t believe that I was asking for more and to explain. This time I didn’t get the questions back for an hour. Over all I think I learned about brake fluid flush just by look up questions and reading answers. By this rate I’ll be taking Scott’s job. JUST KIDDING!!!


Brake Fluid Flush



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Monday when I walked in I don’t know why I asked the manager, Scott, about a coolant flush (big mistake) but of course he told me to YouTube coolant flush so I did but all I got from the video was green liquid bubbling. Of course that wasn’t good enough for him so come Tuesday afternoon I had a 10 question test about cooling systems. He must have told the mechanics not to help because not one would help. Scott’s famous quote, “Google is your friend,” I felt like I was in high school again, but I know why he does it.

So, I Googled and I thought I was finished but nope not at all he wanted full blown details. It’s only taken me 2 days to finish it but I did it. So if a customer asks me the basics of a coolant system and why they should get it done I can tell them with confidence “flushing your coolant system prevents your vehicle from over heating in the summer and freezing in the winter also prevents long term damage and keeps rust, scale and build up from building. You should also get it done every 36 thousand miles or ever 3 years which ever one comes first. Only Scott would turn a question into a week long test!



Positive Thinking

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So, for the past couple of weeks I have been car shopping, not new car shopping but a decent used one that won’t break down on me a month from now. But the hardest thing is finding something I like and the guys at Steve‘s Auto to approve of. I think I had looked just about everywhere when I came across this funky dealership on craigslist. They actually have one across the street from Steve’s. When I brought the car over I already knew off the bat Gabe(brother-in-law/manager)was ready to make a list of things. Once the price got to $1800 it just wasn’t worth it, especially when the salesman wouldn’t budge on the price or wasn’t willing to do the work for me. So that was that I didn’t go any further with the sale. Gabe (brother-in-law/manager) with his positive thinking told me to keep looking. So I did I went to Honda they had the small SUV I was looking for Hyundai SantaFe I fell in love. Yes it has some minor problems but at least the dealership is willing to fix and work on the price. I’m so excited that Layla (my daughter) and I hopefully will not be driving around in that beat up ford Taurus we have now.

Steve’s Pranksters

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Guys are such pranksters; it can get real annoying real fast! At the time I thought I was going crazy, I would hear crickets the door opening and even this little whisper that would say “ can you hear me?” seemed like I was the only one that heard these sounds. Until one day Gabe just busted out laughing to the point that he almost had tears coming out of his eyes. That’s when he showed me a little recorder no bigger than a quarter that was stuck on the side of my desk. He said he’s done it to just about every guy that works here.

So me trying to be one of the guys grabbed it and stuck in the mechanics restroom behind the toilet. But within 10 minutes they came into the office and handed to me. (FAIL) When Wayne (mechanic) started Gabe and I put it on top of the tool box but completely forgot about it. Until yesterday when Fred (mechanic) said he been hearing crickets but can’t find them. I knew it had to be the recorder. But where it’s hidden no one knows until it chirps again!

Steve’s Pranksters



Walk from Shell

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A few weeks ago walking back from the shell gas station I walked into Aamco not knowing that it was closed off in the middle and Steve’s was on the other side. I looked around and didn’t recognize anyone until one of the guys came up to me and told me that Steve’s was on the other side of the shop. I could feel my face get hot and sweaty.

All I could really do was giggle and say “ha, okay thanks!” I turned around and started to speed walk. I felt such a relief once I hit the corner because I could feel them just staring as I walked away, Shouldn’t be such a big deal since apparently I’m not the only one that has made that mistake. Since I worked here we had a couple of customers leave their keys in Aamcos night box and call us the next day asking for a status. But even that can’t stop me from walking with my head held high walking pass them. No matter what I’m going to be that girl from Steve’s auto repair that walked into the wrong shop! It’s not like they can confuse me for someone else because I am the only girl in this small little plaza.

Steves Auto Repair

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Going from a dental field with just girls to automotive that is dominated by men would intimidate any girl. I knew nothing about car maintenance other than cars need to get regular oil change. And that to me was still a big problem because my last car completely died on me because I was always late and not keeping up with it. But luckily I wasn’t alone. I had my brother in law to teach me the ropes. But even that wasn’t enough to calm my nerves. I didn’t know how to tell my new managers that I had a doctor’s appointment coming with my 6 month old. Thankfully they were okay with me missing my fourth day of work.

At the same time I didn’t want the guys to think that I was receiving special treatment for the fact that my brother in law was manager and because I had a kid. Apparently that wasn’t even an issue they quickly took me in as one of the guys. Sometimes I don’t even know if that’s a good thing. Even showed me a couple of thing that really helped like doing my own oil change, checking tire pressure balancing tires ect. But for now I think I’ll let them deal with car services while I stay inside the office and do paper work.

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