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How being a Prince William Chamber member benefits businesses

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Steve’s Auto Repair has been a member of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce for many years.

ST Billingsley, owner of our Woodbridge auto repair shop, recently spoke about one of the benefits of being a chamber member.

You can see the video interview here:

This is the video transcription:

Hi, my name is ST Billingsley, owner of Steve’s Auto Repair and Tire in Woodbridge, Virginia; member of the Prince William County Chamber of Commerce; board member for the boys and girls club here in Prince William; and also a board member of the Virginia Automotive Association. And one of the things that a lot of people don’t realize is why it’s important to be a member of the chamber. We have worked with the chamber over the years even with the Virginia Automotive Association.

Well – when Ross Snare was here, we would work on certain government issues or maybe there was, you know, a delegate trying to put some laws in or some rules in that we’re actually going to hurt our industry. 

There was one rule that was coming through that had to do with the technicians actually having to stop work at a certain time, and it was actually going to affect their pay. 

The other things we work on things are such as diagnostic labor tax. We were able to get something through for saving the consumer money but also where the small business can avoid penalties through any kind of audit. And this is one of the things that the chamber helps work on. 

And if [what] you’re wondering is like, “What does the chamber do, other than just going and meeting people and making connections?” All that’s very important but also they’re looking out for what is happening legislative wise. 

Also what’s happening in the legislative – legislative wise with the county. If the district supervisors are trying to put rules in that are going to affect the business, that’s one of the things that they work on so we can actually, you know, try to talk to them see what’s going on try to you know you know protect our, you know, protect our businesses so we can actually keep people employed. It’s very important. 

So, that’s one of the reasons why over the years – I don’t remember how many it is, I know it’s probably over 10 by now – that being a member of the chamber of commerce is important.

Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire is an authorized Goodyear tire dealer located in Woodbridge, Virginia. Automotive repair services are performed on all makes and models, including BMW and Mercedes. Services include oil changes, brakes, alignments, inspections, and computer engine diagnostics.

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Steve’s Auto Repair becomes V3 Certified Company

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With its proximity to Marine Corps Base Quantico and Fort Belvoir, Northern Virginia is full of military members and veterans.

Veterans not only had a role in the security of our country, they also have an active part in the running of our auto repair shop.

Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire has been named a V3 Certified Company. The designation is provided through the Virginia Department of Veterans Services’ Virginia Values Veterans V3 Program. This program seeks to help employers carry out practices based on recruiting, hiring and retaining veterans.

To become certified, staff members completed training that focused on a variety of topics, including information about the United States military, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and traumatic brain injury (TBI). Skills offered by those who served and strategies for employing and keeping veterans were covered, as well.

A few Steve’s Auto Repair employees are veterans.Apprenticeship program

We have staff members who have served in different areas, like the Army National Guard, Army Reserve, active Army Reserve, Marine Corps and Navy.

One of our technicians, who was in the Army, now participates in our apprenticeship program.


“We appreciate all veterans for their service. Those we have the privilege of working with are an important part of our team,” Steve’s Auto Repair Co-Owner ST Billingsley said. “We are proud to be a veteran owned and operated business and are honored to be a V3 Certified Company.”

Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire is an authorized Goodyear tire dealer located near Lake Ridge, Virginia. Automotive repair services are performed on all makes and models, including BMW and Mercedes. Services include oil changes, brakes, alignments, inspections, and computer engine diagnostics.

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Repeat check engine light on Chevrolet Cruze

In Diagnostics by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

Check engine lights are unique in that they aren’t rooted in one cause. They can indicate a number of problems. 

But what happens if the check engine light keeps coming back on?

If you have a repeat check engine light, you should have it looked at by an auto repair shop or automotive professional.

The driver of a Chevrolet Cruze brought their car to Steve’s Auto Repair to have the problem addressed.

Figuring out the cause of a repeat check engine light

The check engine light was off when our technician started working on the Chevy Cruze. However, he found a stored code of P0017, which indicates that the camshaft and crankshaft aren’t lined up correctly. This problem is common when the timing belts are worn or not installed correctly. They can stretch due to age, and may prompt the code and some running problems.

After removing the upper cover, the technician saw what appeared to be the original belt. It was cracking a bit and there were some small chips on the edge. The Chevrolet Cruze has more than 105,000 miles on it, but it’s recommended that the timing belt and spark plugs on this car be replaced at 97,500 miles. 

The timing belt ensures that the crankshaft and camshaft are operating at the same rate. When the belt should be replaced depends on the vehicle. It may be suggested every 60,0000 miles for some, and every 100,000 for others. The technician noticed that the timing gears were off, which would be enough to set the timing code.

Timing gears for a Chevrolet Cruze off.

Timing gears off.

To prevent potential engine damage that could occur if the belt breaks, we recommended replacing the timing belt. It’s also a good idea to change the camshaft seals and crankshaft front oil seal, and install a new tensioner and idler pulley. New spark plugs are needed, if they haven’t already been replaced.

Putting in a new water pump and having a coolant fluid exchange performed were suggested, as well. Your vehicle should get a coolant fluid flush every 30,000 miles – depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations – if there are thermostat problems, or the radiator or water pump are replaced.

Check engine light causes

As we mentioned earlier, a solid check engine light turns on for many reasons. Here are some of them:

  • Engine sensor issues
  • Loose gas cap
  • Problems with the ignition system
  • Low oil
  • Spark plugs going bad
  • Catalyst system not working correctly
  • Evaporative system issues
  • Engine misfire
  • Circuit malfunctioning
  • Bad ignition coils
  • Coolant system problems

Why you should get your vehicle checked out

Other connected codes can pop up the longer you wait, so we suggest having the light checked sooner rather than later.

If the check engine light is flashing, you shouldn’t drive the vehicle at all. That’s because a blinking light indicates an engine problem. Catalytic converter damage may occur if you don’t have it addressed.

Because the potential culprits vary, diagnostic testing is needed to track down the problem. We start ruling out possibilities by performing a visual inspection and then conducting a code scan.

Our technicians look into common issues with the vehicle they’re working on and check out Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs).

Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire is an authorized Goodyear tire dealer located near Manassas, Virginia. Automotive repair services are performed on all makes and models, including BMW and Mercedes. Services include oil changes, brakes, alignments, inspections, and computer engine diagnostics.

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Shifting problems on a Ford F-150

In Diagnostics, Transmission, Transmission Flush by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

Shifting problems can sometimes occur among vehicles with automatic transmissions. This was the reason why a four-door F-150 pickup truck came into our shop the other week.

The technician who was working on it checked the basics and found that the transmission fluid was low by about three quarts. 

He also looked into Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and common problems with these trucks. Through this process, we learned that the seal at the transfer case can go bad, causing the transmission fluid to go into the transfer case. 

A transfer case seal.

Searching for the transmission fluid

We put the vehicle up in the air and – just looking at it – didn’t see any visible leaks for three quarts of transmission fluid to disappear to. 

The technician dug further into the issue to determine what was happening.

As he pulled off the vent hose coming off the transfer case, it started leaking fluid. So, it was probably a day or two before it would have started pushing out of the tube and leaking on the ground.

This is why you shouldn’t go based on outward appearance when performing auto repair. The problem could be hidden behind other parts.

How we solved the problem

This is where the transfer case connects to the transmission on a Ford F-150.

This is where the transfer case connects to the transmission.

So, it was a pretty straightforward fix – we pulled the transfer case off the back of the transmission, replaced the seal, put it back together, and made sure the transmission fluid was topped off. 

A transfer case.

Transfer case

To make sure everything would be good for a while, we put some synthetic transmission fluid in the system and ensured it had the correct amount. Then we performed a flush on the transmission so that it was serviced up and this customer could be on their way again.

Whether you should go ahead and do a transmission fluid flush is based on the mileage and what’s going on with the vehicle.

Transmission fluid exchanges are recommended every 30,000 miles – depending on the vehicle and what the manufacturer suggests. This service cleans out the transmission and enables the component to continue running the way it should. To learn more about transmission fluid exchanges, check out this article we posted.

Certain vehicles may need a transfer case fluid exchange, which extends the transfer case’s lifespan.

Other causes of shifting problems

A bad transfer case seal isn’t the only reason why a vehicle may be experiencing shifting problems.

Trouble switching gears can also be the result of a bad automatic transmission. Other indicators include slipping or a whining noise.

Low fluid or fluid with contaminants in it may result in shifting problems, as well. Keep in mind that fluid doesn’t just go bad. if it has debris in it, that means that something is breaking down within the transmission. 

If the problem is that your car won’t come out of park, there might be something wrong with the shift interlock solenoid (as was the case with a Nissan Altima) or the brake light switch.

There are several possible explanations for why you may be having trouble changing gears. Make sure to have the issue checked out by an automotive professional, so it doesn’t become worse or impact the safety of you and your passengers.

Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire is an authorized Goodyear tire dealer located near Dale City, Virginia. Automotive repair services are performed on all makes and models, including BMW and Mercedes. Services include oil changes, brakes, alignments, inspections, and computer engine diagnostics.

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Exhaust leaks: Make sure to repair them right

In Inspection by Steves Auto Repair and Tire

Choosing to solve a car problem the quick way might not be for the best long term.

A vehicle that was brought to our shop had exhaust muffler paste on a flex pipe. The customer had done this to stop an exhaust leak.

However, there are some problems with the way the leak was addressed.

This repair doesn’t follow Virginia safety inspection guidelines. According to the Virginia state inspection, you aren’t allowed to seal up an exhaust leak using muffler paste. 

This also isn’t a permanent solution. It may work for a little bit. But as the paste heats up and cools down, and you hit bumps in the road, it eventually falls off. Then, you’re back to your original exhaust leak. 

It’s also important that you not solve exhaust leaks with paste because if it did crack when you’re going down the road, those exhaust gasses can build up in the vehicle, which is bad for you.

How to fix exhaust leaks

There are a couple of ways that you can correctly fix an exhaust leak. The first option is replacing the pipe and all the components that are tied to it. You can also sometimes buy flex pipe pieces, cut out the old section, and weld in the new one. 

The only problem you could run into when putting a replacement flex pipe is if the pipes are rusting or are too far gone. You may not be able to weld the parts on and the pipes would need to be replaced.

This person spent a lot of time applying the paste when they could have gone into an auto repair shop and had it fixed legitimately after about an hour or hour and a half of work. 

We see problems on a lot of used cars that people are planning to buy or just purchased. This is one of the reasons why you want someone to take a look at a vehicle you’re buying or a used one that you acquired. By getting it inspected, you can catch things like this. 

What we check during the state inspection

The exhaust system is one of the areas we check during a state inspection. Safety is our main concern, so we make sure there aren’t any problems. 

Audible exhaust leaks are among the issues we keep an eye (or an ear) out for. Sometimes you can see exhaust leaks. If a crack is starting to develop, you might not necessarily hear it – especially when you’re in the car – but you can see the residue on the pipes or the joints as you’re looking at it from underneath.

Our inspectors look over various parts and ensure that they are secure, as well. This extends from the exhaust manifolds coming off the engine to the catalytic converter (or converters – depending on the vehicle there could be anywhere between one and five). Other parts checked include the or O2 sensors, the flex pipes, the muffler, tailpipes, and any joint where it bolts together – whether it’s with a gasket or not.

You can read about other things we look for when inspecting the exhaust system in this article we wrote.

Steve’s Auto Repair performs state inspections and emission tests. Our Woodbridge mechanics also perform digital vehicle inspections as part of our oil change process.

Steve’s Auto Repair & Tire is an authorized Goodyear tire dealer located in Woodbridge, Virginia. Automotive repair services are performed on all makes and models, including BMW and Mercedes. Services include oil changes, brakes, alignments, inspections, and computer engine diagnostics.